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Blue Papaya - The Adult Crystal Child

Most writings on the new consciousness being born into our world are about Indigo Children.  Because the Indigo’s have been adults for decades now, this term has become a catch all for all the different energies coming forth into our world.  While much of the new consciousness doesn’t fit under one “category” because they are all so diverse, Rainbow Children are the emerging and just beginning schooling while the first wave of Crystal Children have moved into adulthood. Many are just graduating from university, but for those of us who work with these energies, a specific Crystal is starting to become very prevalent.

Gentle, kind and intrinsically diplomatic, these advanced souls conduct themselves with a softness that also has inner strength and confidence.  This energy not only makes them quite appealing, but is also very soothing to those who come into contact with them. Their entire energy has a sense of calm and a very cool aspect.

One of the challenges for this group is that their natural diplomacy and calmness is often mistaken by others as points of weakness, or soft spots to be taken advantage of. This misstep is often corrected with a focus on truth for the adult Crystal,  feathers aren’t ruffled, more a determination sets in and a fire is lit within to hold to their truth.  They will not alter who they are for others, and often they see the individuals who treat them so with compassion and understanding. Not to say that the adult Crystal doesn’t get angry or upset, because they do. They are more apt to go within to handle the situation in a calm and introspective manner.

This type of Crystal personality is now so common that they’re now being encountered everywhere, even seen on television programs. For those of us who have worked with and as Indigo’s, it is particularly rewarding to see how strong and positive these individuals are in stepping confidently onto the world stage.

There is a meme that is popular now that greatly describes how the world should correctly see a Crystal, and is often an inspiration to a Crystal adult I have been privileged to know.

“Don’t mistake my silence for ignorance, don’t mistake my calmness for acceptance, and most of all, don’t mistake my kindness for weakness.”

 As more and more Crystal adults move forward onto the world stage, how will our perceptions change, and what kind of wonderful world will their energy help to create?

About Tracy

Tracy is founding president of Blue Papaya and Social Media Director at Crystal Life. One of the pioneering Indigos who came in from the elemental world, she is also mother to three children with expanded awareness.

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